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Knighton and district
Earning a living
  Tradesmen: saddlers to tea dealers  
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extract from Slater's DirectoryAt a time when all local transport was horse drawn, tradesmen who looked after all aspects of horses and carts were very important.
Here we can see three saddlers working in Knighton. They did not just make saddles but all the tack that was needed.They made reins and traces and horse collars out of leather.

The skinners dealt in animal skins after the beasts had been slaughtered. Like the currier who prepared the skins afterward they were part of the important production of leather. The saddlers and shoemakers need the raw material to make their wares.

Like the hatters, straw bonnet makers were kept very busy at a time when few people went outside bareheaded.


extract from Slater's DirectoryHere we can see two other groups of important tradesmen in the town.
There were no large clothing stores in Victorian times. Those who could afford it had their clothes made by local tailors. Tailors also did a lot of work altering clothes which people had handed down to them.

During the Victorian period tea drinking became hugely popular, though tea was quite expensive. In some households the mistress would have a lockable tea caddy so that the servants couldn't drink it !


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