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Earning a living
  Tradesmen: grocers to hatters  

extract from Slater's DirectoryThe grocer's shop was very important in Victorian times. Before supermarkets and fast transport, most town dwellers bought much of their food from grocers' shops or from the stalls in the weekly markets.
The grocer's shop would look strange to people who are used to shopping today. There was little sense of display, with sacks and barrels all around the shop. Most things were not packaged but bought by weight. If you wanted to buy flour or tea the grocer would scoop it out of a sack on to the weighing scales until you had the quantity you wanted.

hatter and bonnet makerIf you look at old Victorian photographs you will very rarely see anyone outdoors without a hat of some kind.

  The hatter and strawbonnet maker were kept busy making hats for the local people out of felt, tweed, and straw.  

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