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Knighton and district
Earning a living
  Tradesmen: booksellers to chemists  
Drawing by
Rob Davies

Here are further entries from Slater's Directory of 1858 showing more tradesmen from the Knighton area.

In Victorian times there were no big shops in the countryside selling goods from far off lands.
Local people had their boots and shoes and many other things made by local craftsmen. Likewise most of the furniture in the houses was made in local workshops. In this picture we can see a shoemaker working on his last. This is the iron frame or stand on which he shapes the shoes.

Butchers sold meat from local farms in their shops. With no refrigeration meat could go bad very quickly so animals were slaughtered as they were needed.
Poorer families ate little meat, though many kept their own pig which they slaughtered and smoked or salted the meat to preserve it.


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