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Knighton and district
Earning a living
  Tradesmen: bakers and blacksmiths  

In this faded and fuzzy extract from the trade directory we can see two important groups of local tradesmen.

In the countryside most farms and cottages had their own bake ovens where they baked their own bread from their own flour or from flour bought locally.
In the towns many people bought bread from the local bakers. For poorer families bread was a vital part of their diet as they could not afford to eat much meat.

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Drawing by
Rob Davies

drawing of a smithyThe blacksmith was a very important (and busy !) man in Victorian times. As well as shoeing the hundreds of horses that kept everything going he would make and repair farm tools and other household implements.

As well as the four smithies listed here in Knighton, there were many others dotted around the villages and hamlets. Some of these - like the one in Felindre - can still be seen.


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