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Knighton and district
In old pictures
  Broad Street, Knighton  

The photograph below was probably taken around 1900, and it shows Knighton's most famous street scene.
As far as the buildings are concerned very little has changed in the last hundred years. If you stood on this spot today the street would look pretty much like this.


Broad Street
around 1900
  If you look at the people in the photograph though there are some indications that their lives were rather different to ours.
There are a lot of boys in the photograph so it was obviously not taken during school hours.
Notice how strolling about in the road was a safe and normal thing to do before the motor car. Children were killed by horse-drawn traffic but this was very rare as horses are intelligent animals and will avoid running over people if they can.
This picture shows us a glimpse of street life in the age of the horse.

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