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Knighton and district
Earning a living
  Inns and public houses of the area  

extract from Slater's DirectoryTravelling around the area in 1858 was still done by slow horse-drawn transport, and so inns and hotels were needed for overnight stops. A posting house (like the Chandos Arms Hotel) was an inn where coaches made scheduled stops and travellers could stay.

Servants were needed to clean the rooms and look after the guests. There would be boot boys to clean the travellers' boots and shoes, and grooms to look after the horses. A cook and her assistants would be busy in the kitchen cooking for the guests. From this you can see that the inns of the area would be an important source of employment for local people in Victorian times.

(Notice that Jane Tudge ran both the Globe and the Farmers' Club House and Commercial Hotel in Broad Street. She must have been very busy!)

  The whole area was dotted with small public houses, and even some small villages had several. Many working men had such hard miserable lives in Victorian times that they would escape to the pub when they could.  

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