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  In school on Wednesday, died on Thursday...  

As dangerous diseases were so common in Victorian Death of a childschools it is not surprising that there are quite a lot of very sad entries to be found in the official Log Books of the time.
The Head Mistress at Bleddfa School in 1901 was Mary Jane Thomas, and her own child died of a lung disease in that year, when just five years old...

1st March
School diary entry

March 11th - "School closed this week on account of the death of my own dear little boy (Ivor Thomas) aged 5 years".
This was at the very end of the Victorian years. The earlier case below is from Llangynllo National School in 1895...

17th June
School diary entry

17th June - "I regret to record the sudden death of a scholar Fanny Smith who died last Friday after a few days illness. She was at school the preceding Friday".
This poor little girl had died of typhoid fever. Three years later, in October 1898, the Log Book of the same school recorded that "Ethel Evans aged 4 years, who was in school on Wednesday, died on Thursday morning after a few hours illness".
After such tragedies, many frightened parents kept their children away from school. But it was also a fairly regular event for schools to be officially closed to control the spread of diseases. There is more about this on the next page...

School closed on doctor's orders...


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