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Knighton and district
  The carriers of the area  
  In Victorian times the Royal Mail carried letters around the country and would deliver to your door as they do today, but they did not carry goods.
Most of the carrying of goods was done by local firms of carriers who would charge a fee for taking goods in their carts.
The trade directories tell us who the local carriers were in Victorian times.
goods carts
  extract from Pigot's Directory This is a list of the local firms which would take goods along the turnpike roads in their carts for a fee.
It is from Pigot's Directory of the 1830s, and it shows us who was carrying goods at the very beginning of Victoria's reign.
  The pace of life was slower in those days. As you can see there was no such thing as overnight delivery. If you missed the waggon to Birmingham you would have to wait a week for the next one !  
  By 1858, when this next entry was printed, there was no need for long distance waggons. Although construction of the Central Wales Railway was only just beginning, the railway through Craven Arms connecting Shrewsbury and Hereford had been built. The waggons from Knighton only needed to connect with the station there to send goods on to far off places. extract from Slater's directory

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