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Victorian school days
  Nobody wants to come to school...  
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Rob Davies
The official Log Books of most Victorian schools have lots of complaints from teachers about poor attendance.The teacher at Knighton Infants School wrote "Attendance small as usual on market days" in the Log Book in October 1867. The numbers at the school hadn't got much better over 20 years later, as you can see from the second entry below !
The same Knighton school diary suggests that the teacher had almost given up on trying to get more children to come to school in 1883, when he wrote "It seems no use to try and get up the attendance".
There is a similar complaint three years later, in 1886...
Boys at sheep market
15th December
School diary entry
  This entry from the Log Book reads -
December 1886
- "This School cannot be properly organized until attendance of children is properly enforced in the town of Knighton".

It was livestock fairs that kept children away in 1889...
School diary entry 1st - "Small attendance owing
.......... fair".
2nd - "Holiday for cattle fair".

There are more examples of the difficulties faced by school teachers in the Knighton district schools in the Victorian years on the next page...

An awful lot of fairs. It's not fair...


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