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  A terrible accident happened today...  

As you can see on other pages, there were many tragic deaths from disease reported in the school Log Books. Sadly, schools also lost children due to accidents, for safety precautions were very few in Victorian times.
This example is from Heyope National School in 1891...

3rd December
School diary entry
Drawing by
Rob Davies

This Log Book entry reads -
3rd December - "A terrible accident happened today at the crossing, over the line, to Treluggas. One of the school-children, Railway tracksBeatrice Gough, returning from dinner, was caught by the express train and killed, being literally cut to pieces".

Knighton National Boys School reported a very sad and unusual accident in 1874. An official visit to a town by an important member of the gentry in Victorian times would often involve a parade of carriages with soldiers in fine uniforms riding alongside. This rare sight would be very hard for local children to resist...

29th January
School diary entry

29th January - "As a great many boys stayed away this afternoon to see the entry of the Marquis of Hartington into town..."
You can see from the next day's entry in the school Log Book what happened when his Lordship came to Knighton. This is shown on the next page...

Tragedy when the Marquis came to town...


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