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  William Gore loses his watch...  
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Rob Davies
One of the cases which came to court at Hay in 1892 concerned the theft of a watch from William Gore, a labourer, who was visiting the town from Blaenau, Monmouthshire.
On 26th May he travelled by train to Hay to visit his uncle, arriving before ten in the morning. In the evening he went to the Bell Inn in Hay where he was to stay the night. He had a drink of beer there, and dozed off to sleep in a chair. He would have saved a lot of trouble if he had stayed awake !
This was part of William Gore's statement given to the court as part of the evidence...
Asleep in chair
zzzz zzzz
Part of

Quarter Sessions paper Watch and chain
  "... I felt no one bothering with me or my watch and chain, nor did I suspect any one. The prisoner was close to me sitting upon an adjoining chair. I dozed to sleep while the prisoner sat by me for a short time and when I awoke my watch was gone".  
  Quarter Sessions paper
Many people who gave evidence in Victorian times could not read or write so they marked a cross under the statement which had been written down for them.

William Gore knew that he had been robbed while he was asleep..."I got up and said to the Landlady "someone has taken my watch..."
There were five other men in the Bell Inn at the time, plus the Innkeeper's wife, Olive Colley. One of these must have stolen William's watch - see the next page...

More about the stolen watch...


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