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There is an interesting reminder about the different rates of "School Pence" to be paid for the children in the records of Llyswen National School.
This notice was stuck to the inside cover of the school Log Book, which was started in March 1864...

7th March
School diary entry

"Scale of Payments"

Farmer's children..........4d a week
Labourer's children.....2d a week

after the 1st two children,
the others of the same
family pay half price.

Attention -
No arrears allowed !"


The paper shows that the children of the local farmers were charged four pence (4d in the old pound, shillings and pence currency) a week. The children of labourers, who would mostly be working for the farmers, paid half this amount.
There was a discount for quantity, though, with a half price offer after the first two children in the same family !
The strict instruction saying "Attention - No arrears allowed !" meant that the money had to be paid on time, and children would not be allowed to come to school if they fell behind with their school pence !
There were special arrangements for the very poor, though...

Paying for the poor children...


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