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Hay and district
Crime and punishment
  Locked up by the Police Sergeant  
Watch and chain

The wife of the Landlord of the Bell Inn at Hay was Olive Colley, and she said in her evidence that a group of six men came to the Inn the evening before, and were sharing some beer between them.
The men were "very quiet - they were all sitting together".
She said that William Gore had fallen asleep, then told her that his watch was missing when he woke up...

  Quarter Sessions paper
  "...after he woke up he came to me about 4 minutes afterwards and complained that he had lost his watch and chain."
When the Landlord, William Colley, returned to the Bell Inn shortly afterwards he stopped the other customers from leaving, and sent for Police Sergeant John Arthur.
The policeman asked James Riley to come with him to the police station, and this was part of his statement...
Beer tankards
Part of

Quarter Sessions paper
Quarter Sessions paper

"He came with me and I searched him at the Police Station and I found the watched [watch !] produced in his hip pocket. I told him I charged him with stealing the watch and he said "All right I am left to it now". I then locked him up".
You can see what happened next in the case of the stolen watch on the next page...

James Riley's unlikely story...


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