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  The death of Alfred, aged seven years  

Here are two more examples of references in the Log Books or diaries of local schools to the death of very young children.
The records do not say how they died, but as very serious diseases were so common among the early schools it is almost certain that illness was the cause.

National School
School diary entry
  14th June 1883 - "Registers marked at 1.30pm, as many children asked leave to visit the Funeral of Alfred Williams, a late scholar in this School, aged 7 years, Standard 1 [class 1]".  
Graban School
School diary entry
Drawing by
Rob Davies

14th December 1898 - "An Infant's funeral takes place Child at graveside this afternoon, 4 of our elder girls are to carry [the coffin] and 6 others are attending the funeral".

This entry doesn't give the name of the child, or say whether it was a child from this school that died. But since the little coffin was to be carried by girls from the school, it seems likely that this was the funeral of a very young girl from the Infant's Class at Llandeilo Graban School.

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