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  Illness, apples, acorns and a fair at Hay !  

The Log Book entry shown here from Boughrood National School in 1870 is interesting because it shows many of the problems faced by the early schools all together on the same page !
It includes the absence of children because of illness, jobs to do at home, and the attractions of a local fair !



School diary entry

The entries were written at the end of September and the beginning of October in 1870 -
28th September - "A full School".
29th - "Edward Phillips kept at home to pick apples".
3rd October - "Elizabeth Thomas at home ill".
4th - "Roger and Alice Jenkins at home picking acorns".
5th - "Mary A Williams at home ill".
10th - "A small School owing to a fair held at Hay".
11th - "A small School".
12th - "Lydia at home picking apples".
The teacher probably couldn't think of a good excuse for the 11th of October !
The acorns would have been collected either as feed for pigs, or to prevent horses or other animals from getting ill from eating too many of them !

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