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Hay and the Wye valley
A "Common Field"
  The enclosure of the common field  

In 1858 the narrow strips of the common field were enclosed into the larger fields we see in the modern landscape.
The map below shows the area in 1887.


The common fiels in 1887
  You can see that the rows of narrow strips have been amalgamated or put together into larger fields, although some of the shapes are recognisable from the earlier map.
Right through the middle of the field runs the new railway. This is the Mid-Wales railway running down the Wye valley from Llanidloes, Rhayader and Builth. (The S.P on the map was a signal post). Just over the river from Llyswen was a small station at Boughrood.
For more about the coming of the railway to the area see the section on transport.

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