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  Prizes for turning up at school !  

The head teacher at Llanbedr National School tried a bit of bribery to get his children to turn up every day for school lessons !
In the middle of November, 1890, he tried offering prizes to any of them who attended for every morning and afternoon class until Christmas !

"On Wednesday afternoon a half-holiday was given on account of a circus which visited the town, and to which I was given to understand, most of the children intended going".
Crickhowell British School
13th April 1888
14th November
School diary entry
Drawing by
Rob Davies

This is from the school Log Book -
14th November - "I promised to give prizes to each child who attended every time the Sch: [school] is open until Xmas".
This was a good try, but it doesn't seem to have worked very well this time !

teacher with present
12th December
School diary entry

About a month later the teacher wrote :
12th December - "...I find only four children qualified thus far to receive the promised prizes although the attendance has improved a little. Average [attendance] 27.9 "
The Llanbedr School Log Book doesn't tell us whether any of the four children had earned their prize by Christmas 1890 !

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"Attendance good this week in consequence of the giving away of prizes for regular attendance".
Crickhowell British School
8th November 1872
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