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Crickhowell and district
Victorian maps
  Crickhowell in 1904  

This map was made in 1904 and as it is a larger scale map it has more detail. from this we can see some of the developments in the town. Crickhowell at the end of Queen Victoria's reign was still a small market town in a rural area but there have been changes.

  At the top of the map you can see a new row of houses along the Llanbedr Road which were not there in 1872. The Eastern side of High Street has also been filled in with new buildings, especially shops.  
  On Beaufort Road there is a new public hall for the community. This is the Clarence Hall opened in 1892. The hall was to be an important meeting place in the town for many years to come.  
  In the top left of the map you can see that the town now has a proper sewage works. This is very important for the health of the people of the town. In Victorian times before proper sewage treatment the waste from toilets often drained straight into the rivers. By 1904 the town also had a good supply of clean water.  
  Compare with map of Crickhowell in 1872  

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