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  Mary and Harriet in the town lock-up  

The Superintendent Constable for Builth in 1855 was Jeremiah Rattigan.
After Mary Cooke and Harriet Phillips were arrested on 28th June 1855 for attacking Jane Lloyd they were kept in the Builth "Lock-up House" until their case was heard by the Justices. Jeremiah Rattigan later presented his bill or voucher for the "board and lodging" of the two women for this period...


Session Roll paper,1855Powys County Archives

This was the bill for the temporary keep of the women in the town Lock-up, and it reads -
"1855,July 9 - Voucher No 1
The County of Brecon
To J Rattigan, Supt Constable, Builth
To Subsisting Mary Cook and Harriet Phillips in the lock-up-house from the 28th June till the 8th July inclusive, under remand for having violently assaulted one Jane Lloyd so as to endanger her life (Mary Cook committed for 4 calendar months to hard labour and Harriet Phillips to 2 months for the offence) being 11 days and nights at 9d [nine pence] each per day and night] - 16s 6d"

Notice that Mary Cooke has lost the last letter of her name in this paper - but it is the same person !
The sum of 9 pence per person for each day and night was was in the old pound, shillings, and pence currency. That was about 4 pence today, which might be enough to keep a hamster - as long as it wasn't a greedy one !

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