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Builth and district
in Victorian times
  The Market Hall by the Wye  

The engraving on this page shows a view of the main crossing over the River Wye at Builth as seen from the upstream side of the bridge.
An engraving on another page of this section of our website shows the bridge as seen in 1836 from the downstream side. The other important difference between the two pictures is that the new Market Hall can now be seen on the Builth side of the river, just behind the last arch of the bridge on the right.

Builth Bridge
Engraving of Builth Bridge

This Market Hall, one of two built in the town in 1876, is often said to be the finest building in the town. It has a steeply pitched roof, a pointed clock tower, and decorated windows.
There had been talk of having a market building on the riverside site since 1842, but it was not opened until November 1877.
Like many buildings in Builth it was built from local stone from the nearby quarry at Llanelwedd on the other side of the Wye. The former market building is now the Wyeside Arts Centre.

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