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Builth Wells: a spa town
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Taking the waters  

Victorian map of Glanne Wells

  The Glanne (or Glanau) Wells were opened on the other side of the hill from the Park Wells but at first at least were thought rather more primitive. They were certainly more difficult to get to as visitors had to climb over a stile. Access was later improved and the Wells were given a Pavilion (see below) for the visitors like the Park Wells.  
  Victorian photograph of Glanne Wells  
  The river bank area known as the Gro was cleaned up and turned into a pleasant area with a boating pavilion and bandstand. As well as boating and hiking, visitors could pay to go on trips to local beauty spots by horse drawn carriage or charabanc. The charabanc was a kind of open horse drawn bus or coach. Later in the Victorian period cycle hire became popular.  
  Travelling players put on plays in the town and there were concerts by local choirs. As many of the visitors were from the towns of South Wales, the local eisteddfodau attracted large numbers.  


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