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  The irregular children of Builth  
  More grumbles about children who didn't turn up regularly at the schools around Builth in the Victorian years. The first one comes from Llanganten Board School in 1883... Victorian child
20th April
School diary entry

20th April - "The attendance of some of the children in the first class is very irregular. The little ones attend much better - Sewing taught on both afternoons".
The youngest children were usually sent to school more regularly than the older ones. This was because they were too small to be able to help their parents with the essential jobs around the farm or at home !
Another comment
from Llandewi'r Cwm School in 1895...

10th May
School diary entry

This was written in the school Log Book ...
10th May - "Attendance on the whole is fair but a few of the children are so irregular as to be practically absent altogether".

Some teachers had given up hope of getting the worst of the regular absentees to come to school. The problem was not solved until new laws making school attendance compulsory were properly enforced.

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