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Builth and district
Earning a living
  The professional people of the Builth area in 1835  
  Professsional persons

Don't forget!
The surnames are first

IMPORTANT! Notice that
all those people listed as
"Professional persons"
are men!
Most professions were
closed to women in the
Victorian period.


The professional men at the beginning of Victoria's reign had to work to earn a living, but they were men who were educated. Here we can see the lawyers or attorneys who were trained in the law, and the surgeons who would look after the health of local people for a fee.
In early Victorian days the role of the surgeon was changing. Up to this time a surgeon had not had a great deal of training, but he could pull teeth and set broken limbs. Later on in the reign doctors would get much more training, and the surgeon became the doctor with special training in carrying out operations.

Notice that the bankers and schoolteachers are not included as professional people as they would be today. The Charity Schools would offer education to the children of working families in the town, but in 1835 a great many of these families would have needed to send their children to work to earn money to keep the family.
Victorian professional man

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