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  The attendance is still very low  

Almost every entry in the official Log Book or diary of most Victorian schools starts with a reference to the number of children who turned up for the morning or afternoon class.
More often than not the numbers were far lower than they should have been !

17th January

School diary entry

Powys County Archives

This is a very typical diary entry from Llanganten Board School -
January 17th - "The attendance this week is still very low. The average for the week being only 13. Sewing mistress present Victorian schoolgirlson both afternoons".

Most schools had a sewing mistress who came in to teach the girls on certain days. In the case of Llanganten School in 1879 it was for two afternoons a week.
There were very few jobs open to girls after leaving school in Victorian times, and 'going into service' was the most likely future for them. They would work as domestic servants for the local gentry and the wealthier people of the district, so sewing skills were often needed.

Now - about those missing children. What were they up to when they were supposed to be at school ? See the next page...

No time for school. Much too busy...


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