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Another good report on the early days of another local school is to be found in the Log Book of Llandewi'r Cwm School from 1880.
A summary of the views of the official School Inspector was copied into the school diary after the examinations.

6th September
School diary entry
Drawing by
Rob Davies
"Report of H M Inspector
This little school has made a very good beginning. The children were well behaved and had been well instructed. The style of reading was very satisfactory. The managers should endeavour to obtain more regular attendance.
School inspector
  Alfred J Coore
Sept 6. 1880".

The title "H M Inspector" was short for "Her Majesty's Inspector" because these officials were examining the work done by the new schools on behalf of the Government.
This Inspector was obviously well aware of the problems which all schools had at this time of getting children to come to school regularly. Most official visits had to make some allowance for this at examination time.

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