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  School closed - fever in the parish  
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Rob Davies
The early schools were always very worried about the dangers of the spread of serious diseases when children came together for their lessons from a wide area around the school.
Epidemics of scarlet fever, measles, diptheria and whooping cough were very common in Victorian times, and schools were often closed for weeks or even months.
These entries are all from the Log Book of Llandewi'r Cwm School...
School closed notice
10th November
School diary entry
  November 10th - "Sickness still continues with the country children. The Town children attend pretty regularly".  
5th December
School diary entry
  December 5th - "School closed for a month on account of Fever in the Parish, by order of the Board".  
6th July
School diary entry

July 6th - "Attendance still very thin. Several children ill with whooping cough. Three fresh cases of whooping cough".

Many illnesses could spread very quickly, and children who had illness in the family were often banned from school for a while. The death of a child from diseases like scarlet fever and diptheria was a common event in Victorian times.

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