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  The bad meat man gets sentenced  

The sentence handed down to Charles Hamer for selling meat "unfit for the food of man" at Builth in 1866 is shown here.
This is part of a document from the Breconshire Session Roll for that year.


Court paper,1866
Court paper,1866
Court paper,1866

These are all parts of the same paper, which reads -
"And we adjudge the said Charles Hamer for his said Offence to forfeit and pay the Sum of Two shillings and six pence...
to be paid and applied according to Law, and also to pay to Thomas Flye who prosecuteth the Sum of Thirteen shillings and six pence for his Costs in this behalf, and if the said several Sums be not paid forthwith...
we adjudge the said Charles Hamer to be imprisoned in the House of Correction at Brecon in the said County for the space of Fourteen days unless the said several Sums and the Costs and Charges of conveying the said Charles Hamer to the said House of Correction shall be sooner paid".
So the man who tried to sell rotten meat was fined two shillings and sixpence with thirteen shillings and sixpence costs for Thomas Flye, who was the local Police Sergeant.
If he didn't pay up straight away he was to be sent to prison for fourteen days - but he probably did ! He might have been worried about how fresh the meat was in prison.

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