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  We're all off to the circus !  
  If there were any unusual or exciting things going on in the district in Victorian times, then most school children preferred them to going to school !
At a time when there were no TV programmes, no movies, no records and no computer games then it is no wonder that they chose to go to see the fair or the circus if it came to the district.
These examples are from the Log Books of local schools...
Victorian circus
School diary entry
Llandewi'r Cwm
School diary entry
Llandewi'r Cwm
School diary entry

28th June 1878 - "The attendance on Thursday was low, owing to its being 'Fair Day' ".
20th December 1888 - "No children present owing to a large Market at Builth".
10th November 1897 - "Very Poor Attendance today owing to a Circus at Builth. 31 present this morning and 18 this afternoon".

The "large Market at Builth" was held just a few days before Christmas in 1888, so that was probably irresistable for the children because of all the Christmas goodies on sale !
There were other regular events that took many of the boys away from school each year, as you can see on the next page...

The boys are off beating...


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