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  Coaches and carriers  

extract from Pigot's Directory.Pigot's Directory of South Wales, published in 1835 is a wonderful source of information on early Victorian times in the area. (See the section on Earning a living).

The Directory also gives information on the transport links at the time. From this we can see just what was available to people at the time.

  Notice that the only horse-drawn coach through Builth was the Dart going to Llandrindod Wells or Brecon.
Travelling anywhere else would have been difficult. (Although people were visiting Llandrindod Wells to take the waters there was no town there at this time. People stayed in local farmhouses.)
As the roads improved later more coach services were established. The Lily of the Valley ran every other day through Hay and on to Cheltenham, and in 1850 the Mazeppa began a service from Builth to Glasbury, Hay and Hereford three times a week.
  The directory shows us that getting goods around the area would have also been difficult at this time as there were only two carriers, both taking their carts to Hereford through Hay-on-Wye.  

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