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Victorian school days
  Is it time for school yet ?  
Drawing by
Rob Davies
In Victorian times many people had no accurate way to tell the time. Clocks and pocket watches were too expensive for most families, and only the wealthier people in the district owned them.
Today we all have watches and clocks, and can get the time from television, radio or the phone. But imagine trying to guess the time from the position of the sun (what sun ?) or by how dark it is !
Most schools eventually managed to get hold of a school bell which the teacher would ring about ten minutes before the register was marked. We can see from the Log Book that Llandewi'r Cwm School still hadn't got a bell in 1880...
Teacher ringing school bell
22nd April
School diary entry

22nd April - "Several children late today. A school bell is much needed. It is impossible for the scholars to know the time as the school stands so far away from any houses".

School children were often called 'scholars' in the Log Books of Victorian schools.

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