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Brecon and district
in Victorian times
  Bridges over the River Honddu  

The two photographs on this page are of the same scene at different dates. This is the meeting place at Brecon of the two rivers, the Usk in the foreground, and the Honddu which passes under the stone bridge on the right.
The Castle Hotel is in the centre background of both pictures.

To compare these pictures with the view from the other side of the Honddu Bridge
click here.
The old
Honddu Bridge
Rivers Usk & Honddu
This picture is the earliest of these two very similar views, both photographed from the Llanfaes Bridge over the River Usk (shown on another of these pages).
The Honddu Bridge shown here was swept away in a flood in 1873.
Iron Bridge
over the
Honddu and
Brecon Castle
Rivers Usk and Honddu

This later picture shows the replacement iron bridge which was built in 1874.

The remains of Brecon Castle can be seen clearly in this view, which probably dates from around 1895.


The riverside area alongside the Usk has been landscaped by the date of the second photograph, with newly planted trees and stone walls.

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