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Brecon and district
in Victorian times
  The Guildhall, Brecon  

This photograph shows the Guildhall in High Street Inferior, Brecon, pictured around 1880.
The Guildhall was built in 1770 as a replacement for a much earlier one on the same site. The first floor of the building was used for the Assizes, the Quarter Sessions, and the town and county courts until the Shire Hall was built in 1842.

The court sessions which were held in the Guildhall were transferred to the new
Shire Hall in 1842.
Guildhall, Brecon c1880

A very wide assortment of local peopleDetail of photograph seem to have gathered around the Guildhall for the photograph to be taken, including a number of children on the right.
The open arcade on the ground floor of the building was enclosed in 1888, because it was no longer being used by farmers as a corn market.

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