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Brecon and district
in Victorian times
  The Brecknock Shire Hall, Brecon  

The very impressive classical style building in Brecon which is now the home of Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery was completed in 1842, just five years after Victoria became Queen.
The building in Captain's Walk, pictured here in about 1900, is little changed today apart from having lost its fine iron railings.

Shire Hall
Shire Hall, Brecon
There are many interesting Victorian items on display at the Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery
in Brecon.

The Assize Courts and quarter sessions were held in this building until 1971.
When the Shire Hall was converted in 1974 to house the county museum the original court fittings were saved, and nowadays the Victorian courtroom with figures in period costumes can be seen when the museum is open.

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