Brecon and
Abergavenny Canal
  Cargoes for the canal boats  
  The main business of the canal in its busiest years was in carrying coal, lime and limestone, iron and timber. Other cargoes included building stone, hay, farm produce, and manufactured goods.
The canal could freeze over in a hard winter, and the prices of goods carried on the canal could quickly increase if they had to be delivered by carts instead. Special ice-breaking boats were sometimes used to try and keep the canal open.

Some of the
goods carried
on the Brecon
& Abergavenny
Canal in 1825

Record of goods carried In the early years the canals and the horse-drawn railways were often operated as a combined system.
This paper listed the amount of various goods carried on the canal boats and the railway in the
half-year up to September 1825.


Wharf areas alongside the canal had level areas for loading and unloading goods from the barges, and often warehouses for storage. In some cases there would be simple hoists to lift heavier items.
The former wharf at Llanfoist with its large warehouse building is shown in this old photograph. This wharf was linked by a tramroad with the ironworks at Blaenavon.
Llanfoist wharf

Iron ore was brought up from Newport by canal boats to supply the ironworks and forges, and finished wrought iron products were sent back south.
Like other wharves along the canal it also handled limestone and coal bound for Brecon, Hay and on into Herefordshire.

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