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  Defynnog and Sennybridge in 1886  

The map below is a section of a map made at a scale of 6 inches to 1 mile in 1886.
It is more detailed than the 1837 tithe map, and we can see some of the changes which have come during the long reign of Queen Victoria.


6in map of Defynnog
  1. Perhaps the most obvious change on this map is the Brecon to Neath railway which is marked coming through Sennybridge and away to the south. This connected the communities of rural Breconshire with the growing industrial towns to the south. This meant farmers could sell their goods more easily to the growing populations there. The little station at Sennybridge had pens for the cattle to be kept whilst waiting for the trains.  
  2. The community of Sennybridge has grown during the Victorian period, with more road and rail traffic and the prosperity this brought.  
  3. Defynnog has a police station. The presence of a trained policeman helped to keep the area a more ordered community. For more on the new police force for the area click here.  
  4. Although there was a school at Defynnog in 1841, by the time this map was made every child was required to attend school until at least the age of 10. Most local children would spend their whole school lives in this one tiny building. (To find out more about what Victorian school life was like in the area, click here).  
  Compare with a map of the area in 1837...  

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