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Presteigne - John Beddoes' School 3
Modern times


New home for an old school
The new grammar school building had its ceremonial opening with brass band and procession on 15 April 1899 attended by the Duke of Devonshire, who had served as MP for the Radnorshire Boroughs before succeeding to the dukedom. The new governing body were quick to emphasise that this was a new building but still John Beddoes' school. It was still a boys grammar school with boarders and fees of £6 per year.
 Photograph of the opening of the new building by kind permission of Mrs Cherry Leversedge  

In 1902 the Board of Education opened the school to girls for the first time and it became known as the County School, only regaining its Grammar School title after the 1944 Education Act. As secondary education became universally available there were moves to replace the school with a secondary school at Knighton. This new school became a secondary modern school however, and the Presteigne establishment continued as a grammar school. It became known as Presteigne Grammar School from the 1950's.

John Beddoes commemorated
In 1970 the school became fully comprehensive in extended premises and the Knighton school closed. As the school's intake was from much of eastern Radnorshire and beyond a less specific name was thought appropriate and John Beddoes School was adopted, celebrating the role of the founder after 400 years.

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