The examination of John Thomas concerning the theft of porter

From the Rolls of the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions For the Epiphany Session 1830:

Montgomeryshire. The examination of John Thomas taken upon oath the day and year aforesaid -

Who saith that he is servant to Mr Ellis in Newtown that he looks after his Horse that about a month ago he found a Cask of Porter in Mr Ellis's Dunghill, that he told young Mr Ellis of it that Bevan Edwards came and looked at the Cask or Barrel and said it was his Brother Edwards and took it away - that the Cask was concealed under the Dung

The mark X of John Thomas

Taken & Sworn before me
G.A. Evors

Montgomeryshire. The examination of Evan Bevan Edwards taken upon oath this day and year aforesaid -

Saith that about a month ago he was informed that a Barrel of Porter had been found in Mr Ellis' Dunghill and his brother Edward Edwards having had one stolen of him a few Days before, he went and found that it belonged to his Brother and took it home with him, that his brother was then absent at Shrewsbury and on his return he delivered the same barrel to him that his brother immediately said that it was the barrel which had been stolen out of his warehouse

E.B. Edwards

Taken & Sworn before me
G.A. Evors

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Examination of Owen Parry Concerning theTheft of Porter

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