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Machynlleth - Care of the poor 6
Treats in the workhouse


Treats for the poor
Over the years there seems to have been a softening attitude towards the status of the poor and a growing recognition that many of the workhouse inmates were unable to support themselves and their families through no fault of their own.

Two entries from the Machynlleth Board of Guardians Minute books for 1900 reflect this. The first is a demonstration of a genuine desire among the more privileged in society to offer some comforts to the less fortunate.

County Archives
Minute book entry

"Resolved that the thanks of the Board be tendered to the Most Honourable the Marchioness (D) of Londonderry and Mr & Mrs Edwards, Rock Ferry, for their treats to the inmates during the last month"

The second extract refers to 'entertainment' for the inmates, a concept probably alien to the creators of the Poor Law Unions in the 1830's. 

  Minute book entry

"resolved that the thanks of the Board be given to the Ladies mentioned in the Master's Report for their magic Lantern Entertainment given to the Inmates on the 8th inst." 

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