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Machynlleth - Care of the poor 3
A new workhouse for Machynlleth


Built in 1860
The Machynlleth Union came under pressure from the Poor Law Board to build a Union Workhouse, and experienced various difficulties obtaining the site and the necessary funds.

Photograph by
kind permission
of the Powysland

Machynlleth Workhouse
  In March 1860 the Board of Guardians feared that the Union might indeed be disbanded, and pleaded to be allowed to continue without a workhouse. At last however the new workhouse, seen (above) in a later guise as the King Edward VII Hospital, was completed and the Union advertised for staff. The cutting shown (below), taken from an unknown newspaper, was pasted into the Minute Book. 
County Archives
Newspaper advertisement

A Mr Owen Thomas and his wife were appointed as the first Master and Mistress.

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