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Llanidloes, 1782
A death by hanging

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Among the many types of documents which are included among the Session Rolls of the Quarter Sessions for the county of Montgomeryshire are routine bills for goods and services. Such invoices include those for bridge repairs, and the supply of bread and straw for poor prisoners in the county jail.
Slightly more unusual are the bills for the payment of expenses submitted by the County Coroner, who would travel to the scene of incidents resulting in death to carry out an inquisition as to the cause.
The example shown here concerns the suicide by hanging of one David Rowland at Llanidloes in January,1782.

Quarter Sessions
Hillary 1782

County Archives

Quarter Sessions document 
  The extract shown is from the Session Rolls and reads:
"14th - Journey to Llanidloes to take Inquisition on David Rowland who hang'd himself.
24 miles at 9d
[pence] - 18-0 [18 shillings]
Inquisition - 1-0-0
[one pound]
Moving for Order - 3-6
[3 shillings and six pence]
[Total] 7 -19-0 [7 pounds 19 shillings]
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