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Llanidloes - The Chartist Outbreak 2
Petitioning for justice

  Rejected by Parliament
The government and the ruling classes of the day were hostile to any group advocating workers rights, and saw them as dangerous revolutionaries.
Two Chartist petitions backed by huge numbers of supporters were totally rejected by Parliament, giving impetus to those in the movement who were calling for the use of force to achieve a fairer system. Others were seeking change by peaceful reform on the strength of morality and justice.
The Red Lion,
Long Bridge Street,

A branch of the nationwide Chartist movement was set up in Llanidloes in 1838, led by Richard Jerman, a master carpenter. Meetings were held at a number of places in the town, including the Red Lion inn (above).
In the late 1830's there had been a number of minor disturbances in the district, and the newly built workhouse at Caersws was a particular target of local opposition to those in authority. Chartism, in this climate, provided a focus for a steadily growing resentment among the people.

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