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St John's Chapel, Hay 3
From chapel to lock-up !

  A kind of king in Hay
St John's Chapel seems to have deteriorated into a ruin in later years until it was rebuilt as a town "Lock-up" early in the 19th century. A contemporary report in the Brecon County Times contained the quote that "It had originally been the Church of St John .... In the year 1810 Mr Henry Wellington who was a kind of king in Hay and did exactly as he liked got posession of the belfry and transformed it into a lock-up".
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Epiphany 1812
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The above entry from the Breconshire Quarter Sessions Order Book of 1812 reads as follows:
"Lock up House, Hay.
Ordered that it be referred to Henry Wellington of Hay Castle Esq to Contract for the building of a Lock up house in the Town of Hay at a sum not Exceeding one hundred and fifty one Pounds".

It served as a lock-up until 1875, when a new police station was built on another site in the town.

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