The Local Estates

The banks of the Usk and its tributaries provided the ideal setting, against a backdrop of dramatic mountain ridges, for the residences of the local landed gentry. Over the years, and particularly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the local landlords made for themselves fine mansions set in parkland. Some of these they expanded and modified from older buildings to suit their own comforts and express their sense of their own stature, some were built from scratch with materials and architects imported specially. They were all the seats of men of importance in the social, political and religious life of the community. These men were the great landowners who filled the public offices like Sheriff, Justice of the Peace and Lord Lieutenant. Before the widening of the franchise they were the landlords of the only men able to vote and so were able to exert influence in political affairs and many of the local parish livings were in their gift.

The County Archives Office contains a variety of records which relate to the estates of the Crickhowell area and the families who lived there. Select below for more information and images on four local estates -

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