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Transportation 3
A bill of expenses, 1774

  To America via Bristol
The document shown below, from the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions, gives an interesting insight into the detailed operation of sending convicted felons away for transportation to British colonies abroad.
In this case it refers to the costs of moving a female prisoner to Shrewsbury jail and then on to the port of Bristol to board a convict ship bound for America. 

Quarter Sessions
Midsummer 1774

County Archives

 Quarter Sessions paper

 The bill shown above is from the Session Rolls from the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions, and reads as follows:
"1774 April 24 - A Bill of Expences to William Davies for Conveying Catherine Jones to Salop [Shrewsbury, Shropshire] to be Transported 1774
Payd to Goaler of Salop for his Trouble & the Convicts Carrage from Salop to Bristol - £2-2s-0d
Payd to Ditto for the Merchants to Convey the Convict to america - £5-5s-0d
To the Hire of 3 horses to Salop at 5s Each - £0-15s-0d
To my Self 2 Days at 2/6d per Day - £0-5s-0d
Man 2 Days at 1/ per Day - £0-2s-0d
To Eatables 2 Days for two - £0-4s-0d
To Liquer - £0-3s-6d
To Turnpikes - £0-1s-0d
To Letters from Bristol on the Convicts account - £0-0s-8d
To Horse Hay and Corn - £0-3s-6d"

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