Transportation 1
'His majesty's plantations in America'

  Transported for seven years
Another conviction for sheep stealing is recorded in the document from the Quarter Sessions reproduced below.

Quarter Sessions
Epiphany 1737

Powys County Archives

 Quarter Sessions extract

This extract from the Breconshire Quarter Sessions Order Book for 1737 reads as follows:
"William Prichard also indicted for the felonious stealing of four ew Sheep of the goods of James Williams gentleman and being found Guilty He is ordered to be transported into some part or parts of his majestys plantations in america for the Space of seven years and that William Gwyne Vaughan Richard Hughes, Walter Jeffreys and Thomas Lloyd Esquires do Contract for his Transportation."

Around 200 offences were formerly punishable by the death penalty, and transportation was often handed down as an alternative sentence, though still a very harsh outcome. For many, because of the terrible conditions on board the convict ships, death was still the result.

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