The death sentence 3
A reprieve from the King

  Transported for fourteen years
The extract below from the Quarter Sessions records the reprieve of one William Beavan, who was convicted of horse stealing (regarded as one of the most serious crimes of the time) and sentenced to death at the Great Sessions.
This sentence was reduced to one of transportation, but for the particularly long period of fourteen years. The length of a sentence of transportation, however, had little effect on the prospects of returning home for such homecomings were virtually unknown.

Quarter Sessions
Michaelmas 1756

County Archives


This extract, from the Sessions Rolls of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions, reads as follows:
"William Beavan of the Parish of Colva in the County of Radnor Yeoman being Convicted at the last Great Sessions of Stealing a Black Mare of the value of five pounds of the Goods and Chattels of Catherine Moor and having received sentence of Death was afterwards reprieved by his Majesty for Transportation It is Ordered that the said William Beavan be Transported to some of his Majestys Plantations in America for the Term of fourteen years. And it is further Ordered that his Majestys Justices of the Peace of the said County or any two of them do Contract for the Transportation of the said William Beavan accordingly.
By the Court - Wilkins"

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