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The death sentence 1
'Attend them to the place of execution'

  Ministering to condemned prisoners
Although the most serious capital crimes such as murder were dealt with by the Great Sessions, the records of which are held at the National Library of Wales, the records of the Quarter Sessions in the Powys County Archives contain a number of references to prisoners under sentence of death. One such example is shown below.

Quarter Sessions
Epiphany 1773

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract

This extract from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions reads as follows:
"County Gaol - Ordered that the Sum of Ten Guineas yearly be paid the Reverend Hugh James clerk for officiating twice a week at the said Gaol, preaching a Sermon once a Month and administering the Sacrament when required and also to attend Criminals under Sentence of Death and to administer the Sacrament to them and likewise to attend them to the Place of Execution and it is further Ordered that his Salary do Commence from the thirteenth day of July last past."

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