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The Settlement Laws 2
Removing paupers from the parish

  Avoiding charges on the poor rate
The document shown below, a continuation of that shown on the previous page, is typical of many held among the Quarter Sessions records of the Powys County Archives.
It was a routine practice for the Justices of the Peace to authorise the removal of paupers to the parish in which they have been granted settlement, so that they do not make demands upon the poor rate.
The normal procedure was for the parish constable or other officials to forcibly escort paupers (often after a whipping) to the parish boundary on the route back to their home parish. There they would be handed over to those responsible for the task in the next parish, along with the necessary documents.
Quarter Sessions
Michaelmas 1774

County Archives
Quarter Sessions paper

This portion of the document reads as follows:
"The Examinant on his Oath says, That he was about thirteen or fourteen years ago hired as a Covenant Servant by the year to Rawlins or Nott (?) a Miller of the parish of Stauton upon Arrow in the County of Hereford thus he continued in the said Service one whole Year, and hath not since done any Act to gain a Settlement, that he was then un: married - that he since married Francess his now Wife and hath by her one Son named John about a year and half old -
Sworn before me.
John Harley
The Mark of Richard Howell"

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