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Care of the poor
Seizure of goods and chattels

  Abandoned children
Another example of the measures taken at parish level to minimise the cost to the inhabitants of maintaining the local paupers is shown here. This concerns the issue of a warrant to sieze the property of a labourer who abandoned his three children to be provided for by the parish.

Quarter Sessions
Trinity 1743

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract

This extract, from the Sessions Rolls of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions, reads as follows:
"A True and Perfect Inventory of the Goods and Chattles of Rees Davies Late of the Parish of Llandovalle in the County of Brecon Labourer who Ran away Leaving Three Children upon the Charge of the said Parish, which said Goods and Chattles were taken and seized by Henry Hergest and Thomas James Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish by Virtue of a Warrant or Order to them Directed from and under the hands and seals of William Gwyn Vaughan Esq and Price Davies Cleric two of his Majesties Justices of the Peace of the said County for and towards the discharging of the said Parish in the bringing up and Providing for the said Children."

The goods that were taken to help pay for the abandoned children are listed on the inventory shown on the next page.

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