Punishment by whipping 2
The cat of nine tails

Fifty lashes of the 'cat'
Another illustration of the ruthless nature of the methods used to deter crime in the late 18th century can be seen in the extract below from the Breconshire Quarter Sessions of 1785.
This orders the use of the much feared "cat of nine tails" and even lays down the timing of the punishment as well as the number of lashes.

Quarter Sessions
Easter 1785

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract 

The above extract from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions reads as follows:
"Ordered that William Waltor who was convicted of Felony at this Quarter Sessions be brought up at the Carts Tail from the Gaol to the Shire Hall at the Hour of Twelve oClock at Noon on Saturday there to receive Fifty Lashes with a Cat of Nine Tails on his Bare Back and that a minute elapse between every stroke and then be discharged."

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